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Hi, I'm Claire, a single mum to a gorgeous & boisterous 4 year old, Gilbert.  Combining my passion for 'perfumery,' 'aromatherapy' for 'dress up' & being a 'mummy', I'm going to be pretty busy... 'Busy Accessorising, Busy women,'specifically to cater for our new lifestyles as 'cash strapped', 'sleep deprived', 'pushed for time' busy mums.  
















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Are you thinking of becoming a stylist or an affiliate marketer for a brand you absolutely love?   BUT....Are you 'umming' and 'urrghing' as  to whether  to join or not because you're still not quite buying into the 'private party' or 'trunk show' business model &/or of getting people to sign up with you to join your team by pyramid sponsoring (or recruiting)?   IF so, then you're just in the same position as I was a year or so ago!!!  


So you may be pleased to hear that YOU TOO, CAN still establish a fantastic PROFITABLE affiliate marketing business  with your favourite brand, WITHOUT HAVING TO FOLLOW THIS TYPE OF BUSINESS MODEL...even with a brand that operates solely under this kind of model type.   You can still become an affiliate of your favourite brand....


* ......without being held to ransom on the decisions of others so you don't constantly need to chase (pester or badger) other people to host private parties for you,


*........without the need to bombard or beg dear friends & family on facebook just so that you can attempt to meet your personal end of month sales goals that you've set youself


*........without first working to cover your expenses before reaping any financial benefit or reward for your hard work


*.........without spending time away from the kids working private parties & stalls (the irony of all of this is that many brands band around the notion that these type of businesses slot so well into your busy life as a parent....BUT I can tell you now ....these parties & stalls almost always take place at evenings or at weekends, times that  you should be spending with your family; & take far far longer that you expect to prepare for),


*........& without feeling like a fraud by feeling you need to build up your own personal team via sponsoring before you feel ready to, after all no one wants to proclaim all the benefits when you too are still trying to set up & find your own feet within your own start up business that's totally new to you.....



.....well by simply refocussing your strategy.   By refocussing both your time & energy in to purely directing as much traffic as you can to your personal affiliate websites so you can receive online sales 24/7.  You can leverage your time as much as possible so you can do & spend time on your other businesses, or on doing the things you love, with the people you love!  By meeting your sales goals purely by getting people to enter your shop floor on your personal affiliate website, any trunk shows, stalls or sponsoring that you want to do on top of that will be just an 'added extra' or 'a bonus' rather than the 'be all' & 'end all' to your personal business success


So before I go any further, & before you successful stylists come down on me with a ton of bricks (& there's a lot of you out there who are blitzing this using the sponsoring & private party model)......let me FIRST just point out........THE PRIVATE PARTY & SPONSORING BUSINESS MODEL REALLY DOES WORK for the majority of stylists.....everyone is different & I know people who have generated much success from following these simple strategies.   Each brand is incredibly good at offering loads of financial incentives & free product to motivate & recognise you for booking parties & indeed if private parties & sponsoring is just your kind of thing then you'll be sure to get some fantastic support, comradeship & training to support you through your journey ....but if you ARE ANYTHING LIKE ME who is yet to see success from private parties .....then rest assured there is another strategy, another way of doing things


So let me tell you a little about myself.   I'm a SINGLE MUM.  I signed up to be a stylist for Stella & Dot about 2 years ago & like you I started my business with great gumption & enthusiasm....I loved the brand, I loved the ethos, I loved the vibe, I loved the idea of spending time with like minded ladies, of being part of something that looked like so much fun, with fabulous good quality & innovative designs & products....& yes, I put my all into it.....I invested alot of money into it getting a lot of product that perhaps I shouldn't have done ( I just loved everything)  I chatted up all of the other pre-school mums, my friends, my family, I handed out 400 plus fliers locally (twice), I hosted sample sales both at home & in various local pubs, I did brochure drop offs (even putting brochures in random neighbours doors accompanied with personal notes...please buy please buy!!)..I attended every school fair & Christmas stall who'd have me, & I even highjacked my son's 3rd birthday party by setting up a trunk show on the side (believe me when i say this....please don't do this!!  babies, toddlers, party entertainers, cake & jewels don't mix)..basically everything that was being extolled in my training (with the exception of the birthday party of course) .....& well.....the dream soon soured & I began to be a little disillusioned with it all......WHY?....because as a business it was failing..... it wasn't working...despite all my hard work


I'm actually very I'm not one of these people that finds it easy to approach people to host parties.  I always felt (probably due to a lack of self confidence) that it all had a slight air of desperation to it.   It was a bit like an episode of the Apprentice, with only 10 minutes of selling time to go - I was approaching all sorts of people, anyone really that would take the trouble to hear me out & I felt that if I wasn't talking to people about it all the time I was doing myself & my new business a disservice, & inside I was cringing!  I really hoped that people weren't thinking 'oh god it's claire again,  I bet she's going to hound me to host another trunk show!'   I didn't want to be that person, that mum, that people were trying to side step or hoping not to bump into....


My naive outlook on signing up was that I was going to have a shop floor with a steady stream of people who had a really strong desire to become hostesses, who'd have the time to get a group of people together who were just as passionate about the brand as I was ...who'd enjoy the shopping experience, who wanted to walk in under their own steam.  The reality was that I was standing on the forecourt desperately trying to entice people in (& I mean A LOT of time on this  forecourt)....& it just wasn't me!!!!


Secondly, as a single mum, & no partner to look after my little man, everytime I stepped out of my front door I was a good £50 to £80 down on babysitting fees even before starting, & this wasn't including any of my travel expenses either....effectively I was working the shop floor for free, relying on commission that was not guaranteed,  frantically working very hard JUST TO COVER MY EXPENSES


.....I wanted to make this new business of mine, my main source of income.   I had to make this work for the sake of my son.....I use to work as an on-site Studio Manager  for an interior design, furniture & lighting company & I was really finding it near on impossible to find local part time work in this kind of role that often needs someone to be present full time.  So I needed to build something for myself, that I could do from home & that offered a lot of flexibility but also provided me with enough money so I could actually pay the bills.  I quantified the role of a Stylist at a £25K equivalent per annum salary (believe me, this was well below my full time equivalent as an 'employed' person...) BUT If I was going to do this I would need to try & get (if only at the start while setting up my business) the equivalent of AT LEAST a minimum of £14 for every hour of my time spent on the business....& through my experience of preparing for trunk shows & stalls I knew this was not going to be easy .......the amount of time was this.....


*  1 hour pre-party prepping, calling around & tutoring hostesses

*  1 hour physically getting products packed & a display fine tuned & tweeked

*  2 hours allowed travel time (there and back)

*  3 hours minimum per trunk show or stall event (sometimes longer than this)

*  1 hour unpacking & storing products at home, post trunk show admin, customer services & returns


....SO a grand total of 8 HOURS OF MY TIME PER PARTY.....If this was salaried I would need to earn a take away cash sum of £200 (so each party HAD to earn at least £670 in sales pressure there then!!)  


Despite claims that these kind of sales would be easily obtained I found that this was not the reality .....I found that I would have some parties that were great & really profitable and then I'd have 2 or 3, even more than that, that would just about qualify for hostess points & discounts (& some that didn't even meet this level)  Every party that didn't match this profit meant another load of cash to come out of my own personal pocket ....which truely sucked considering the amount of time and effort I had put into each event I managed to book


So I decided very early on that trunk shows, private parties & stalls were not going to be a strategy that I personally was going to focus on


I was also really uncomfortable with focussing on sponsoring at that stage, because with my faith in the whole business badly shaken I didn't want to dupe people into believing what was possible when I wasn't even entirely sure that it was something that I could achieve that's when I decided that my strategy was purely to focus on ONLINE find ways to drive as much TRAFFIC TO MY PERSONAL AFFILIATE WEBSITE...I was going to focus all my time & energy in learning all I could about selling products online, creating my own unique brand, utilising social media platforms & email marketing strategies


At about this time i was setting up my own online business Scent Artisan designing my own line of fragraNCes 7 helping jo public to do the same using professional accords affiliated with the perfume studio.  i was using alot of essential oils froM neals yard remedies in my fragrances Too 7 as an avid aromatherapy fan