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Hi, I'm Claire, a single mum to a gorgeous & boisterous 4 year old, Gilbert.  Combining my passion for 'perfumery,' 'aromatherapy' for 'dress up' & being a 'mummy', I'm going to be pretty busy... 'Busy Accessorising, Busy women,'specifically to cater for our new lifestyles as 'cash strapped', 'sleep deprived', 'pushed for time' busy mums.  
















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#mystyle   |    09.03.15




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Size: 12 to 14

Weight: 10 stone 10 llbs

Dressing time: 3 mins  

Style: Non accessoriser, slightly flabbier, sloppier & scruffier version of my former pre baby self

Hi there

Welcome to the launch of ‘Dressing Up Mum’  If you have not already listened to my audio clip telling you all about ‘Dressing Up Mum’ then you can listen to it here


So what is #mystyle?  

Well my wardrobe is full of easy simple classics, I doubt that anyone would call me a ‘trend-setter’ or even particularly ‘stylish’ (all high street & no designer labels) you may wonder what qualifies me to give you all advice on 'personal style'......well here's the thing......I really don't.... ‘Dressing Up Mum’ really will rely on advice that I receive from lovely women like yourself so I really hope you ladies will help me out along the way, to provide me with tips, advice, your favourite easy & affordable 'go to styles'


So this is why # mystyle will be sharing my personal journey to getting myself as polished & stylish as I possibly can. I have a milestone birthday this year….I turn 40 this year….  so it gave me the idea to give myself the 40 weeks to transform myself into a new polished self


….so just to give you some background……

Becoming a mother was the most exhilarating, exciting, scary, profoundly challenging experiences of my entire life, & my gorgeous baby (although not so much a baby now) was the central pin & purpose to my life, so much so, that worrying about what I might look like was definitely not a priority.  When I was pregnant with Bertie I put on 4 stone….err yes, I know, damn that pasta & cheese & so over the last 3 years I’ve managed to lose most of it; but I still have another stone to go before I get back to my pre pregnancy weight.  I have a wardrobe that is full of different sizes and styles, some baggy some fitted….I usually have about 10 minutes max if I’m lucky to get ready in the morning

10 mins

As a single mum (Bertie was conceived using a donor – my blog plan b motherhood arriving soon) so I don’t have the luxury of 3 hours free that it takes to have my hair done professionally at the hairdressers so I’m DIY home dye all the way

monika bad hair blog

I rarely consider or pre-plan what I’m wearing & I have a tendency to just grab the first thing that happens to be at the top of the clean laundry pile & I have very little money to spend…so this is what we’re working with ladies

pile of laundry

This is why I am so pleased to have discovered Stella & Dot  …...I think accessories are going to be the absolute key here; not only to reclaim a little of my former self but also as a really easy & affordable way to embrace a new style, my new body shape & mind set.  Stella & Dot can even make my sloppy grey sweater with or without a bolognaise stain look fabulous so I’ve got very high hopes that these gorgeous accessories will give my wardrobe a much needed uplift

lovig the mummy mug

So my personal goal for the remainder of this year is to take on board all of my favourite recommendations that you all make and apply it to my day to day regime & wardrobe & to share the results with you all.  The intention; that when the 40 weeks are up, I’ll be looking absolutely fabulous SO ultimately I can continue in the most important role being a mum, all be it, in a more stylish way


NEXT WEEK:  My wardrobe audit & spring clean

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